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Coaching your Healing Journey

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The word coaching is a label that means different things to different people. Some of my clients will call the work they do with me coaching, some will call it mentoring and some will call it therapy.

My coaching style is based on an integration of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with Internal Family Systems (IFS), within a deeply experienced practice of my Zen and Reiki healing tradition.

Coaching your Healing Journey supports you on your inner and outer journey in life whilst not being limited to any classification of social position or psychological labelling.

Healing is a journey towards wholeness, and not a destination, looking not at what is wrong and has to change but more where is your wholeness not fully realised or lived?

Our journey together is about co-developing Self-Leadership in you and supporting you to lead an inner and outer life from a Self-led harmonious inner system.

My approach is that the mind is naturally multiple, with inner parts containing valuable qualities and a core Self that knows how to heal, allowing us to become integrated and whole. In IFS all parts are welcome. Our journey takes place within a collaborative relationship between me and you, a relationship between two potential healers, the coach's Self and your Self

Coaching your Healing Journey will support you in healing inner and outer conflicts, challenges, through developing compassion between your Self and your inner parts and between your Self and other people. The welcoming of all inner parts is essential for a whole system alignment in support of any change initiative.

On this journey you will discover hidden drivers and blockers of your behaviour, of your communication and of your decision making.  You will learn to draw on your innate wisdom and compassion as a guidance to navigate life’s challenges and find innovative and effective ways to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


  • Coaching in English, Dutch and Italian

  • All session are online

  • You choose your contribution: £30/hour (low waged) £50/hour (waged) £70/hour (high waged)

I have regular sessions with my IFS supervisor and my IFS therapist.

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