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The Lead your Life program brings together in my view the two most powerful practical, accessible processes that have been developed over the last 30 years that enable us to live truly compassionate lives in connection with ourselves, our communities and with our environment.

IFS is complementary to NVC in many ways and its systemic approach of our inner and outer system provides a very natural and everyday way of living compassionately.

The Lead Your Life program integrates the fundamental and relevant aspects of IFS in many of our NVC practices.

It will enable you to take the lead of your own life, a Self-lead life of your inner world, of your parts, and of your relationships with others by developing understanding of, and balance and harmony in, your inner system. This program aims to discover and unleash all the beautiful and valuable qualities of our inner world.

This program will enable you to live and work with an IFS trauma-informed NVC practice.

Foundation course

Stone Tower
 Lead Your Life
Foundation Course
(2 days with Ruud Baanders)

In this course you will learn and practice the fundamental steps of the IFS process and how they integrate with the NVC process. You will experience the meeting of two similar consciousnesses. You will experience how being in Self and connecting with your parts in a compassionate way can dramatically transform your life and your connection with others, those around you and those further away.

Lead Your Life 
Deepening course 1
(1 day with Ruud Baanders)

There is an important distinction between parts and their burdens. Parts are not burdens, roles are not burdens. Burdens are strong beliefs, emotions, energies that enter the system and the parts through life experiences when there was injury from trauma. Personal burdens enter our system through direct life experiences.

In this course we will explore only personal burdens. 

Exploring and releasing personal  burdens

Self Motivation

Exploring and releasing

legacy and sociocultural burdens

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Lead Your Life 
Deepening course 2
(1 day with Ruud Baanders)

Burdens are strong beliefs, emotions, energies that enter the system and the parts  as personal burdens through direct life experiences or as legacy and sociocultural burdens that enter our system through absorption from our family, ethnic group, culture etc

In this course we will further expand this awareness and connection by developing an understanding of the nature of legacy and sociocultural burdens. 


In this course we will explore only legacy and sociocultural burdens.  

Lead Your Life 
Deepening course 3
(1 day with Ruud Baanders)

Both managers and firefighters/distractors have positive intentions when choosing strategies in their aim to protect us from pain and suffering caused by internal overwhelm by exiles/vulnerable parts and/or by external threat

The aim of this course is to deepen our understanding of the role of firefighters/distractors in general, and of the role of the manager and the firefighters/distractors specifically with regard to habitual or addictive behaviours in protecting vulnerable young parts

Getting to know the habits and addictions of your protectors

Essential building blocks

Minecraft Blocks

Lead Your Life
Short Deepening Courses

 (with Ruud Baanders)

A series of short courses to deepen specific aspects of the Lead Your Life process.

Typically these courses last 2-3 hours and include theory, short practices, sharing and Q&A

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