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Outline of Mountains

Lead Your Life - Short deepening courses


  • Your choice to pay between £15-£60

  • Bursary places available (contact me)

Payment required upon booking.

Maximum number of participants is 18.
A prerequisite for participation is having attended my Lead Your Life Foundation course


The Life of Exiles
Understanding your Vulnerability   

Not scheduled  (3 hours) with Ruud Baanders

In the Life of Exiles learn about:

  • How parts get triggered into exile

  • Neo-exiles 

  • ​The development of exiles

  • The burdens of exiles

  • The needs exiles are trying to meet

  • The power of exiles

  • The healing of exiles

  • The reaction of their protectors

  • End....your personal exiles

iStock-1493080661 Exile.jpg

Learning modalities in this course:

  • Sharing my experience and knowledge

  • Guided process to explore your exiles

  • Externalisation of parts using drawing

  • Self-reflection

  • Sharing in pairs and plenary

  • Q&A

iStock-1466563945 Exile.jpg
iStock-1149332255 Exile.jpg
Man on the peak of mountain and sunlight  , success winner business concept.jpg

An opportunity towards healing  

March 27th 6pm- 9pm UK time 

We will explore:

  • What, how and why of unblending

  • Therapist/coach and unblending 

  • Client and unblending

  • Three approaches:

    • Insight

    • Externalisations

    • Direct access

  • More

Learning modalities in this course:

  • My experience and knowledge

  • Interactive sharing

  • Practice

  • Self-reflection

  • Working plenary and small groups

  • Q&A

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