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Outline of Mountains

Lead Your Life - Short courses


  • Your choice to pay between £15-£35

  • Bursary places available (contact me)

Payment required upon booking.

Maximum number of participants is 18.
A prerequisite for participation is having attended my Lead Your Life Foundation course


The Life of Exiles
Understanding your Vulnerability   

 Friday, October 20th - 2023,  7pm-10pm UK time (3 hours) with Ruud Baanders

In the Life of Exiles learn about:

  • How parts get triggered into exile

  • Neo-exiles 

  • ​The development of exiles

  • The burdens of exiles

  • The needs exiles are trying to meet

  • The power of exiles

  • The healing of exiles

  • The reaction of their protectors

  • End....your personal exiles

iStock-1493080661 Exile.jpg

Learning modalities in this course:

  • Sharing my experience and knowledge

  • Guided process to explore your exiles

  • Externalisation of parts using drawing

  • Self-reflection

  • Sharing in pairs and plenary

  • Q&A

iStock-1466563945 Exile.jpg
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