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Welcome to MahaKaruna

Ruud Baanders

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MahaKaruna stands for Great Compassion, seeing the humanity in every person, is a quality that I want to bring into the lives of all people I work with in my courses, in my coaching and in my daily life.


Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Reiki, en Zen fundamentally have the same purpose, i.e. to support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through connecting with our Self, Essence, Divine Energy, Buddha nature, or any name one wants give to this sense of experiencing something greater than ourselves.

My work supports people to live from a compassionate and empowered Self in mutually satisfying relationships with other people, with all beings, and with our planet.


NVC, IFS and Zen are the cornerstones of my courses and coaching that enable participants and clients to live a life of practical compassion with oneself and others, honest and authentic, and of full interconnectedness.

I work internationally, in person and online, in English, Dutch and Italian.


For both my coaching and courses I offer a sliding fee scale to make my work accessible to everyone. Hence, you choose to contribute what you can afford.

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Lead Your Life Program

Lead Your Life programme with courses based on the integration of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Cultivating a relationship from your Self—the wise center in each of us—for a courageous, wise and compassionate life with all.

Welcoming all your inner parts, all their needs, all their vulnerabilities, and all their valuable qualities as your core Self knows how to heal.

Il programma Lead Your Life con corsi basati sull'integrazione della Comunicazione Nonviolente (CNV) con Sistemi Familiar Interni (IFS).

Accogliendo tutte le tue parti interiori, tutti i loro bisogni, tutte le loro preziose qualità mentre il tuo Sé centrale sta conducendo le tue parti e sa come guarire.

Coltivando una relazione dal tuo Sé - il centro saggio in ognuno/a di noi - una vita coraggiosa, saggia e compassionevole con tutti e tutte.

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Coaching Your Healing Journey

My coaching style is an integration of Nonviolent Communication process with the Internal Family Systems process, within a deeply experienced practice of my Zen and Reiki healing tradition.

Coaching Your Healing Journey supports clients on their inner and outer journey in life whilst not being limited to any classification of social position or psychological labelling.

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