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Complaints procedure 


This process handles situations in which:

  • Your needs are not being met with using any of the services you receive from me, including workshops, events and one to one sessions

  • You feel uncomfortable about not expressing yourself to me, and/or you are not able to handle the experience on your own

  • You are longing for a dialogue and a restoration of trust with me


Step 1: Get suppor
As our practice is NVC, which is a community based practice of mutual support, please see if you have capacity to get some support from another member in the NVC network to help you get clear about your needs. This might be a good step before contacting me.


Step 2: Contact me
Contact me with your complaint. Please let me know your complaint by email, including your observations, feelings, and needs that are alive in you.  Please put the word ‘Complaint’ in the subject header. 


Step 3: Hearing each other
We will have one or more conversations, for me to hear your complaints and for you to hear how I am receiving your complaint. We will aim to find a resolution of the issue. If your needs are met through our conversations, and you feel complete, we decide together how to end the process with mutual satisfaction.


Step 4: Not satisfied with the outcome 
​If any of the involved parties experiences after our conversations that their needs are not being heard and respected sufficiently, we decide together how to seek support of a third party to continue the restorative process. Criteria for the finding support of a third person include, personal preferences, cultural/social dimensions and professional skills,


Step 5: End of process
Completion of the complaints process can be achieved either in Step 3 or Step 4.

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