NVC - based Peacemaking

This process is NOT what is typically understood as mediation, a way of resolving disputes between two or more parties with concrete effects

This Peacemaking process offers the parties, couples, families, groups or teams, that are stuck or are having a conflict a place to connect with each other in the presence of a facilitator to come to mutual understanding of the nature of their stuckness or conflict. 
Through the exploration of their respective feelings and needs this process supports the parties in estabishing and maintaining a connection.
The process of expressing and listening to each other feelings and needs enables the creations of an atmosphere of Peace in their minds and in their connection that can lead to a satisfying way forward.

In the Peacemaking process there can be two stages:

  1. The facilitator meets with each party separately, face to face or by phone, to prepare for the joint  sessions
  2. The facilitator meets with the parties jointly, holding the space for all to speak and to listen to each feelings and needs

The structure of the Peacemaking process, the length and number of sessions, will depend on your specific situation.