The traditional meaning of the Japanese term "teisho" is a dharma talk (public discourse on Buddhism) that a Zen teacher gives to his disciples, monks, and to lay people.  Within the tradition of my Ch'an teacher a teisho is a talk in which the Ch'an teacher shares his/her personal experience with, and insights about, the dharma in daily life. As a Ch’an teacher, I want to share my teishos with a wider audience, directly from the heart and from a state of aliveness, through unedited recordings. My teishos will never be complete or perfect, but they will be authentically "me". Typically, a recording lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

14-07-2016: Fleeting sensations 
07-09-2016: Not knowing how Ch’an/Zen is more
21-09-2016: One reality

23-09-2017: Zen en Geweldloze Communicatie (60 min, Oshida, Nijmegen)