Reiki package for long-term patients

In the case of a long-term recovery process, a chronic or a terminal illness I recommend a comprehensive Reiki package to the client to become more independent of the Reiki practitioner. 
Such a package might look as follows: 

  • In the first week I give 3-5 Reiki treatments.
  • In the second week I will give 3-5 Reiki treatments and I teach the client and the family/carers how to do the Reiki themselves (Reiki-1 level). This takes one or two days on which family/carers join us while we do the treatment and family/carers will do the treatments themselves.
  • In the third or fourth week I will give 2-3 Reiki treatments while family/carers continue the daily treatment themselves. If they wish to go beyond the Reiki 1 level, I teach them the Reiki-2 level, which involves especially the emotional level and long distance techniques.
  • From the fourth week onwards, I only give 1 treatment per week but the client and family/carers do the daily treatments themselves.
  • After 1 month, we should treat once a month but the patient and family/carers continue with their daily treatments.

The advantages of this approach are multiple:

  1. The client and their family/carers are involved in the treatment process which is very motivating and effective. Clients can treat themselves each day without depending on the Reiki practitioner.
  2. It is less costly and time consuming for the client.
  3. The Reiki training involves a deep and very powerful cleansing treatment from the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 

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