Reiki Courses

Due to the current coronavirus situation I have decided to close until further notice my reiki practice for both treatments and courses (22/09/2020).

Each Reiki practitioner and Reiki teacher brings to their work the fullness of their own life experience, integrating the richness of their skills, insights, development and (spiritual) awareness. The way I work with Reiki and teach Reiki courses do integrate all that I have learned from the teachers and guides that have crossed my path whilst leaving you the complete freedom to integrate in your life whateve appeals to you. 

All my Reiki courses are run in my Reiki practice in Oxford. 
The dates for the courses can be set in consultation with the participants. 
I am willing to start a course with two students but I will have no more than 6 students for any class that I teach.
Hence, contact me if you are interested in learning Reiki with me to explore dates.

More details: 

To enquire for dates or make a booking for a course please click here.

The reiki workshop was amazing I feel so inspired by what I learnt. I met lovely people and gained so much more confidence.

I now feel very confident when I give a reiki session and have gone on to become a good healer. Thank you Ruud. (Nikki B)


Thank you so much for the materials and for an unforgettable and incredibly inspiring weekend .The  Course content was wonderfully informative and interesting. The attunement ceremonies were profoundly moving . I am truly grateful for your inspirational and guiding role in my Reiki journey. (PF)

I've known Ruud  and have been receiving Reiki treatments for several years by now.  But it was not until last year that I felt ready to become Reiki 1 and 2 practitioner. It was a week-end's work in a small group, with clear explanations, plenty of practice and most of all Ruud's guidance. While clealy structured, there was a relaxed atmosphere however without compromising the sincerity of teaching. Ruud is an inspiring teacher who is able to cut through to the essence, and lay out a clear path for Reiki practice.  I'm very grateful to Ruud for his considerate attention to all workshop's participants.