5-Day Intensive NVC and Zen workshop
Sweden, June 8-12

We welcome you to join this 5-Day Intensive NVC and Zen workshop if you want to gain transformative insights and develop and imbed practical skills for living and communicating with greater authenticity, deepening your connection in your relationships. This workshop will take place in the Rödjorna Retreat Sweden which is situated in the heart of Sweden far from roads deeply hidden in silence.

Workshop structure
This workshop will be an intensive journey gaining new insights, learning and practicing new practical skills, and exploring what a relationship between NVC and Zen means for you.
The beautiful and quiet Rödjorna Retreat Center is the perfect place to go on this journey with a small group of participants (max. 20) in a safe setting provided by an experienced certified NVC trainer. The workshop will include zen practices (sitting and walking meditation) at the start and the end of the day that will be led by Annemiek or Aziz.
In this workshop, we will start with the basics of NV and explore in various ways many aspects that are relevant for the three modes of application of the NVC process; connection with yourself, expressing yourself and hearing the other. There will be plenty of time for interaction with fellow participants, to questions and to engage in dialogue during the day program.
This workshop starts with the basics of NVC and is suitable for participants with or without experience of Nonviolent Communication and with experience in, or openness to, the practice of Zen.
We will be practising using a variety of materials, methods and processes. These will include, short periods of teaching, Q&A sessions, discussion time, practical exercises, processes using a variety of floor maps, role plays etc. We will be working in plenary sessions, in pairs and in small groups.

If you have any questions about the content and / or suitability of this workshop for you, please contact Ruud Baanders (rbaanders(at)mahakarun.org.uk)

More information about NVC and Zen
In this workshop, you will learn the process, skills and spiritual depth of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also called Compassionate - or Emphatic Communication, whilst exploring the relationship between NVC and your Zen practice. My 10 years of sharing NVC and my 25 years of Zen practice have shown me synergies and difference but especially areas where these two practices can complement each other in daily life.
NVC is based on the principles of nonviolence - a natural state of compassion when no violence is present in our heart. The NVC practice assumes that all human beings are interconnected through the same, basic human needs. This perspective is very similar to the Zen (Buddhist) practice which aims to lead us to an awakening of the interdependent and interpenetrating nature of all beings and which supports us realizing a non-dualistic peace based on a compassionate mind.
Through its emphasis is on deep listening in full presence—to ourselves as well as to others—NVC will help you to discover the depth of your, and other people’s, compassion. Very similar to the eightfold path of our Zen practice it aims the transformation of judgments, separation and suffering into mutual respect, deep connection and the joy of contributing to everybody’s wellbeing.
You will be learning and exploring NVC, and the relationship with the Zen practice, at different levels, as a spiritual practice as well as a concrete set of skills which enabling you to create life-serving relationships, families and communities. You will be able to apply the learning as a path for healing and reconciliation in its many applications, ranging from intimate relationships, work settings, health care, social services, police, prison staff and inmates, to governments, schools and social change organizations.

Whatever your motivation is to come to this workshop and to learn NVC, it requires from you the will to investigate your own thinking and behaviour, and to transform your moral judgments that stand in the way of a compassionate attitude.NVC will help you to prevent and resolve conflicts, to heal personal pain and relationships, to promote connection and cooperation, and to live in connection with others

According to Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC:
“The spiritual basis of NVC for me is that I’m trying to connect with the Divine Energy in others and connect them with the Divine in me, because I believe that when we are really connected with that Divinity within each other and ourselves, that people enjoy contributing to one another’s well-being more than anything else”. (I read “Divine Energy” as the Buddha in every being- Ruud).

Ruud has been practicing Ch’an (Chinese Zen) for more than 25 years and I am practicing also as a Ch’an teacher and as Reiki master. In the last three years my NVC work has focused on bringing Zen and NVC together, e.g. through my 'NVC and Zen' workshops for the Zen Peacemakers community in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Rödjorna Retreat Sweden
We stay at the retreat center which is situated in the heart of Sweden far from roads deeply hidden in silence. Directly connected to National Park Tiveden, and with 26 hectares own old forest with brooks, rocks, a lake, and some cultplaces like a big stone spiral Rödjorna will help us to strengthen our workshop skills. Rooms are simple med shared bathroom based on full board. A sauna can be hired. The workshop is in the meditation building equipped with meditation pillows.

Arrival June 8th– Departure June 12th 
Details at http://www.retreat-sweden.com/program-nvc/ and http://www.retreat-sweden.com/retreat-schedule/
Note: Meals will be eaten in silence.

Costs workshop including overnights, meals, workshop: € 630 all in. Diets are possible and costs € 20.
Booking is possible until the 15th of April 2018. If we don’t reach the minimum number of participants on the 15thof April 2017 we will cancel the workshop and pay the full amount back to you.

Please ask for a booking form at info@retraite-zweden.com in English, Dutch or Swedish.

Ruud Baanders, Annemiek Selter
More information about the workshop: Ruud Baanders (rbaanders(at)mahakaruna.org.uk)
More information about the facility, your journey to Rödjorna Retreat Sweden (info(at)retraite-zweden.com)