5-Day Intensive Nonviolent Communication and Zen workshop
Sweden, June 6 -10, 2019 

Optional 1 extra day/night (Deepening the relationship Nonviolent Communication and Zen (Buddhism)

This is the second year that we will be running this inspiring retreat.

The retreat will take you on an intensive journey gaining new insights, learning and practicing new practical skills, and exploring how NVC- and Zen path can mutually support each other. We will explore the fundaments of NVC according to Marshall Rosenberg the founder of NVC. NVC is a learnable process, an attitude, an awareness that can become a way of living, empowering yourself and others to live authentically with respect for all life forms. The zen practice will consist of daily zazen (sitting medidation), kinhin (walking meditation), sutra recitation and moments of zen wisdom. Our teacher is Ruud Baanders, a certified NVC trainer and Ch'an teacher (Chinese Zen).

2018 participant:
Zen practice helped to clear the mind and focus on NVC. For me, as relatively inexperienced Zen-meditator it was interesting to know more about the spiritual basis of NVC and to realize the importance of attention/mindfulness and empathy/compassion for Zen and NVC.
I am very enthusiastic about this retreat and I would advice it to anyone who experiences conflicts in professional and private settings or has trouble to stand up for his/her needs in an effective way. You learn to communicate about your own needs and those of others. By doing so you will be able to connect to each other and find win-win perspectives in almost any situation.
(Sander, The Netherlands – 2018 Retreat)

Marshall Rosenberg (founder of NVC)
“The spiritual basis of NVC for me is that I’m trying to connect with the Divine Energy in others and connect them with the Divine in me, because I believe that when we are really connected with that Divinity within each other and ourselves, that people enjoy contributing to one another’s well-being more than anything else”. (I read “Divine Energy” as the Buddha in every being- Ruud).

5-day Workshop 
Starting with the basics of NVC you will explore in various ways the many aspects that are relevant for connecting with yourself, expressing yourself and deeply hearing the other.
Through its emphasis on deep listening in full presence—to ourselves as well as to others—NVC will support you to discover the depth of your own, and other people’s, compassion. Very similar to the eightfold path of the Zen practice NVC aims the transformation of judgments, of separation and suffering into mutual respect, deep connection and the joy of contributing to everybody’s wellbeing. You will experience and explore NVC and its relationship with the Zen practice at different levels, both as a spiritual practice as well as a concrete set of skills that will enable you to create life-serving relationships, families and communities. NVC will help you to prevent and resolve conflicts, to heal personal pain and relationships, to promote connection and cooperation, and to live in connection with others in personal and works settings.

Whatever your motivation is to come to this retreat and to learn NVC, it requires you to join with an intention and openness to investigate your own thinking and behaviour, and a willingness to transform moral judgments you might have that stand in the way of a compassionate attitude.

There will be plenty of time for interaction with fellow participants, for questions and to engage in dialogue during the day program.

We will jointly aim to create a space for mutually supportive discussions and for group wisdom to arise. A learning path for all of us on this special day.

This retreat is suitable for participants with or without experience of NVC and with experience in, or openness to, the practice of Zen.

Optional extra day
Deepening the relationship Nonviolent Communication and Zen (Buddhism)
This day is especially relevant for (experienced) zen practitioners, or anybody that would like to explore more profoundly the relationship and/or differences between NVC and zen (Buddhism). We will look at some relevant fundamental excerpts from the Buddhists psychology and its relationship with western psychology. Other aspects of the day can be a further exploration and expression of your own spirituality.

Rödjorna Retreat Sweden
We stay at the retreat center which is situated in the heart of Sweden far from roads deeply hidden in silence. Directly connected to National Park Tiveden, and with 26 hectares own old forest with brooks, rocks, a lake, and some cultplaces like a big stone spiral Rödjorna will help us to strengthen our workshop skills. Rooms are simple med shared bathroom based on full board. A sauna can be hired. The workshop is in the meditation building equipped with meditation pillows.

Arrival June 6th– Departure June 10th 
Departure June 11th for those that stay for the optional extra day.
Details at 
http://www.retreat-sweden.com/program-nvc/ and http://www.retreat-sweden.com/retreat-schedule/

Note: Meals will be eaten in silence.

Costs: 5985 kr based on twin sharing accommodation, additional 800 kr for singleroom, 1450 kr optional day
Booking is possible until May 1st, 2019. If we don’t reach the minimum number of participants at this date we will cancel the workshop and pay the full amount back to you.

Please ask for a booking form at info@retraite-zweden.com in English, Dutch or Swedish.

Ruud Baanders, Annemiek Selter
More information about the facility, your journey to Rödjorna Retreat Sweden info@retraite-zweden.co