Facilitated NVC Practice Group

Facilitated by Ruud Baanders

At the moment there are no in-person and no online practice groups. 

This facilitated practice group is a great way to deepen your Nonviolent Communication (NVC) skills in a supportive group of NVC experienced peers.  Practicing with the support of an NVC trainer guarantees continuity, safety, inspiration and satisfaction. The regular meetings give you the opportunity to explore situations and themes of your choice whilst deepening your NVC skills. We are fully and empathically present with the joy and pain that you might bring into the group, as we come together in an atmosphere of compassion and honesty. 

Typical structure of the meeting

  • Check-in 
  • Identifying personal situations alive in participants that they would like to practice 
  • Jointly deciding the topics and/or situations to work on in the meeting
  • Practicing or discussing the topics and/or situations
  • Check-out 

We make use of the NVC Dance Floors, role plays, mediation process, and other methods.

Requirement for participation is havig attended at least a basic NVC training.
At this moment there are two practice groups.

Maximum of 6 participants in each group.
Meeting are either on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings 7:30pm-9:30pm.
Location - West Oxford (Botley).

Costs for the period of 5 meetings is £45 waged, £40 low waged and £35 unwaged (payment in advance) 

Please contact me for availabilty of places in online practice groups.