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The presence of empathy and compassion in our relationships is a quality that most human beings are longing for to experience, the experience to be really heard. Nonviolent Communication (NVC), or Compassionate Communication as it is often called, is a process that enables you to develop this quality in your life and your environment. Learning, understanding and practising NVC  enable you to connect with yourself and with others, at home with your family and friends, at work in your team, in your community, or in the street with neighbours and even with strangers, in a way that makes you and the other feel satisfied, that is effective, and that is respectful for yourself and the other.

Introduction in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Nonviolent Communication is a learnable process, an attitude, an awareness that can become a way of living,  empowering yourself and others to live authentically.

In all our NVC workshops we support a practice of awareness of the intention to connect, with yourself and the other in the present moment. From this intention we will facilitate you to learn expressing and receiving feelings and needs, instead of thought-based judgements, comparisons, and interpretation about yourself and others. You will learn to express yourself, both honestly and empathically, in difficult conversations. When you are able to express yourself with respect for yourself, the other and your environment, each conversation has the potential to develop in a sustainable and satisfying connection.

Oprah Winfrey about NVC

Marshall Rosenberg, one of the seven men transforming the world.

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General workshop information
Although our focus is on taking NVC into the workplace we run general Introduction workshops (2-4 hours), Foundation workshops (1-2-days) and Deepening workshops (1-3 days), also on request where you live (UK or abroad, and in English, Dutch or Italian).

All our workshops are suitable for:

  • Individuals and groups that want to handle conflicts, at home or at work, as an opportunity for learning and progress
  • Individuals that are experiencing life changing situations and/or conflict situations at home or at work
  • Professionals that deal with difficult issues and pain of others (coaches, counsellors, doctors, teachers, therapists, nurses, prison wardens, etc.
  • Managers that are disconnected from their staff and /or struggle to find the balance between work and personal life, and are in search of true authenticity