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MahaKaruna is Sanskrit and means Great Compassion, a quality of being that the Oxford Compassion Practice activities aim to bring into our lives.

Nonviolent Communication, Reiki, en Zen practice, will provide you in different ways with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Our workshops and other activities will support you to live compassionately from your empowered self, in harmony with yourself and in honest and satisfying relationships with other people, at home and in the workplace. We want to co-create with you a society that is based on compassion and mutual respect, contributing to the wellbeing of every living being on our planet.

Nonviolent Communication - Home
Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Compassionate Communication or Giraffe Language as it is often called, is a  process, based on learnable skills, that brings empathy and compasison into your life and your environment whilst being authentic and honest to yourself and others. Empathy and compassion are qualities that every human being longs to experience in their life and relationships, a deep longing to really hear and to be really heard.  More.......

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Reiki - Home
Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement that everyone can learn and use. Reiki  can be effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and does only create beneficial effects. Reiki treatments can support the healing process of acute and chronic illness and can enhance the quality of life in many different ways. More....

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